Sunday, 13 September 2015

Bali, Morning of The World

As we know already, Bali is one of the most popular place to spend your vacation in the world. Not only because of its beautiful beach, but it's cheaper to spend your vacation in Bali than in other place such as Hawaii or Rio. We can enjoy the nature, animals, arts, beach, the kindness of its people, the weather, music, and all its diversity live in harmony in one place called Bali. Nothing such a place except Bali.

Everyday, people from many countries in this world come to this place to enjoy its harmony. Even some of them are fall in love in Bali. Not a few of them decided to stay much longer than they planned to know all about Bali. Some people stays for a days, some of them for weeks, and the rest stays for months. They really enjoy about its food, art, and culture. Bali nailed them.

If I can say, one of the most delicious food from Bali is Ayam Betutu. Ayam Betutu is a chicken that cooked with so many spices, placed it in a casserole, boiled in few hours, and Voillaaa.... We have a chicken with a rich taste and really soft texture and I'm sure you're gonna love it.

The other thing that I love about Bali is its art. You can find a thousand of art that made by human, not robot, that you're gonna love. The sculpture, painting, bracelet, and much of things that made with passion. They really getting us into it.

And last but not least the Culture from Bali. The music, dance, game, their religion, and everything that could make you really had a peace when you see it. They live in such a diversity in one little island but still had a peace between its people. What an amazing island.

Let me ask a thing, have you heard about a festival that show some of Bali's amazing thing? You can find Bali's culture, music, art, dance, game, and many things in one place, Global Village 2015.

Global Village 2015 show many culture from around Indonesia in one place, one city, in Bandung. You can find the harmony, the diversity, a really wonderful place to see many things about many different culture from Indonesia. It's an amazing experience to have in this event.